After that the manufacturers of portable devices made a severe attack on each other, and see us recently for Apple against Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft against Google, Samsung and Apple. Today, Amazon do the same thing now.

In a new promo clip, we find a comparison between Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet HDX and inspired Apple IPad air. Amazon will not say the differences in terms of lighting only, but the imitate of Jony Ive – Apple’s famous designer -.

In the video we will see both devices, with the sound of it that British accent imitation of Jony Ive, and through comparison we will see that the Kindle Fire HDX has pixels screen more than those in the IPad air, and it also lighter and less expensive than Apple products. In my opinion, they see the video and decided for yourselves what is the best tablet as the most suitable option to you, and do not forget the reasons.

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