Effective ways and quick results in the world of fitness, attendance to drink drinks that working to melt body fat and speed up the rate of burning

Here’s how to prepare magical drinks that will help you to burn fats:

Green tea and ginger, cumin, mint is considered one of the most famous effective drinks in the world of burning body fat.

Preparation: Mix a cup of water with teaspoon from each of green tea and mint and cumin and ginger , and mix them well and then boil the mixture for 10 minutes and drain . Preferably , drinking this mixture three times a day , to achieve an amazing result , especially as he has proven merit in burning belly fat specifically.

Scientific studies have shown that eating one cup of green tea every day for a week , reducing the sponsor burn fat in the body at a rate of between 35% and 43% .4

“Boiled lemon and orange” drink two cups a day of a mixture “boiled lemons and oranges”.

Skim milk: What you do not know about the benefits of drinking skim milk , that the contents of calcium enhances fat burning intensely . People who drink skim milk continuously, with an average daily cup fat burns by about 70 % more than others who do not drink milk.
“Kiwi juice and pineapple juice”, drinking pineapple, kiwi a day for 15 days helps the body to lose about 10 kilograms with practicing exercises and a healthy diet.
“Boil parsley” boil parsley and then drink juice every day, what gives you a sense of satiety.

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