Attraction is not the attraction of features or shape but it is the attractive of behavior and it is a group of qualities that appear on the body’s actions in different situations. Among the most important of these qualities that gives you the attraction of agility and the way you walk and sit and the way you eat and the way you speak and soft-spoken sound and self-confidence and stay away from all what makes you lose your attraction …. If you completed these qualities you could always be attractive woman…

And now let’s see together the means of attraction that makes you Ideal woman :

  • Agility :
    one of the factors that increase and describes your beauty, agility that include the way you walk , where you must walk straight back and shoulders and looking in front of you and your feet are not away from each other and do not bend the knees while walking ….

    * How To Sit:
    Taken into account when you sit where your back be in a straight position and put your feet and knees close to each other in the direction of the seat.

    * Laughter:
    Women laughter is controlled by some rules such taking care of your teeth to be whiter whiteness and to be interested in your lips beauty as well as to be away from laughing to yourself in the presence of others who may think you make fun of them and this one of the biggest things that make you lose your attraction ..


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