Hours ago, TechCrunch site mentioned that personal email addresses – @ instagram.com – could be included in the map of the future to serve instagram Where the share photos service is working to establish a platform instant messaging like whats app style and Cake, and new e-mail boxes can be part of that strategy.

TechCrunch site revealed about the presence of hints about the new e-mail service @ instagram.com, so when popping these new titles as part of a service database, although it is not sure of the validity of this news, but instagram did not release any statement, either about adding instant messages or e-mail to the application.

We mentioned earlier, that the GigaOm site pointed to the existence of ” sources ” reported information about Instagram recently work on instant messaging. Because the service is operated by Facebook, we might see something similar to the approach of Facebook like chat services and e-mail addresses of users @ facebook.com.
According to these reports, it is possible to launch the service before the end of the year ; because it is the time to gain as much as possible of the millions of smartphones and tablet devices users, especially those who will receive on portable devices as gifts at Christmas , and as long as the application will support chats , there is no need at that time to go to Whats app to share photos .
Chat and share photos and audio and video clips are the most important characteristics required for applications these days , with the launch of Hangouts from Google, and iMessage from Apple , and Skype from Microsoft , now everyone is trying to get the biggest piece of this service.
And to be sure of the advent of instant messaging service and e-mail addresses or not to Instagram. Facebook should realize what it will face in this digital landscape that is changed constantly and , for this if new features are ready to work , there is no need to one of the giant social networking to wait for a longer period up to reveal it.

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