Studies have shown that moderate physical activity has many benefits, for both mother and baby, as well as research has shown that exercise reduces the chances of a specific type of diabetes that affects pregnant women only.
Spanish scientists explained that women who practice exercises during pregnancy protect themselves from wounds caesarean birth, said researchers at the University of Granada that brisk walking three times a week reduces by half the risk of having a baby who over weight, which is one of the main reasons for caesarean section

Physical exercise helps pregnant:

1 – to facilitate the birth process.
2 – and strengthen the muscles that push the baby during birth.
3 – ease the pain phenomenon during pregnancy.
4 – reduce the problems of varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
5 – help tighten the body and prevent it from sagging.

But it is very important before starting any exercise program to consult your doctor about the possibility of practicing aerobics, in order to get the most of aerobics a pregnant woman should take into account the health status so doctors advised pregnant woman who has never exercise to begin practicing the sport, after 4th month and begin with simple exercises such as walking, and start slowly at a rate of five minutes per day gradually increased an average of five minutes a week until you reach the half-hour three times a week.

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