In your RV plan, you might have decided to choose a tow-able trailer. Congratulations for this option. The question however is if you are aware of the options available for you. Well, you have two major options, one of which this article will shed more light on. The two tow-able trailers are either travel trailers or the fifth wheel trailers. As you suspects, they have similarities and differences. You can easily recognize the latter from tow hitch that works as a tow truck bed attached to its frame.

The fifth wheel trailers are normally available in different lengths ranging from 20 t0 40 feet. Although longer options of up to 60 feet might be available, they are quite rare nowadays. This trailer normally has weight concerns and as search, it is advisable that the weight is properly distributed with equipment well set.

This is the ultimate choice for full time RV, given that it provides very spacious and comfortable living quarters in addition to the fact that it tows and is better and handling. You can find them from entry, mid-line and one for the high-end models. The manufacturers avail different floor plans to suit the tastes of anyone interested. Most of them offer slide-out, some with multiple slide-outs which means increased interior space.

As if this is not enough, the floor plans too are in a range, you just have to choose what you want. Apparently, the large spaces available in this trailer give designers opportunity to play around with plans and as you expect, the results can be amazing. Majority of options comes with slide-outs with some of them having multiple slide-outs thus increased room for the interior.

They also come with different designs such as wooden frames that have sliding aluminum and the ones with aluminum frames and sliding fiberglass. The facilities like dining rooms, living rooms, sleeping rooms, kitchens and bathrooms among others are the partitions you are likely to find in different designs.

A closer look at travel trailer and the fifth wheel reveals a number of similarities and differences. Among the most outstanding similarities include the length size where the range is the same, a strong towing vehicle necessary for both and the need for special driving skills among others. The price range is equally similar.

The major difference with the two lies in the goose neck extending from the tow vehicle. This translates to the extra space that means a lot and brings so much difference. The strategic bed location normally under the neck also allows for increased space for further entertainment.

Currently, there are several options available from different manufacturers with additional advantages such as custom designs. Other than making orders directly from the manufacturers, you can go over the net and go through several options available there. This avails larger option to choose from, wider prices range and discounts to take advantage of.

When it comes to purchasing, there are a number of options. You can order from manufacturers directly or go online and brows through the fifth wheel trailers available. Here, you are likely to get the new ones and used ones both in a design you like and at good prices.

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